Ask about k6 results

hi all, i have to configuration and have different result and i confused what happen about.

Config 1 :

  • 1 virtual users, 2m duration
    result : 100% success rate, 294 total req, 98 iteration

Config 2 :

  • 2 virtual users, 1m duration
    result : 84% success rate, 231 total req, 89 iteration

my question is, why config 1 have better result? in my opinion, in config 1 have more request and i think server more busy too, so config 1 should have bad result than config 2. But the result said different, config 2 have less request and i got 5XX error.

Hi @senorita !

I’ll try my best to support you.

Yes, using the first config, you get more requests in total than in the second config. But I believe the more important thing here is the frequency.

In the case of the second config, your server gets more requests in a shorter time. And as a result, at some point, you start to see the 5XX errors. It could be, for example, if some of the components of the server are still busy with serving the previous requests.

Let me know if it explains.