Can we kill/stop a VirtualUser as soon as we get a response?

Hello Team, I have a scenario of hitting an endpoint with 3000 VU’s. I would like to kill the Virtual users as soon as they get a response. Is there any way to do that other than putting them into infinite sleep time ?


Hi @amruth.chintha,
Not in the cloud. After 1007 is merged you will be able to say that you want for X VUs to do N iterations each and that will work in the cloud as well as locally and then to stop so you will be able to say for 3000 VUs to do 1 iterations ;).

I would recommend combining with http.batch of size 6, as this is the default value for batchPerHost (you will need to use the search of your browser as I can’t link to it directly). This will probably do much better job of starting the requests at the same time and will let you either to use less VUs or to make more requests ;).