Forcibly closed connection causing test to fail


  • Running the same test on a Windows 2019 server azure cloud VM results in the same error.
  • Running the same test on a fresh created Azure Windows Server 2022 had the same problem.

You should be able to recreate from there maybe?
I will keep trying.

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UPDATE2: @inanc this cannot be only me having this issue?

  • Installed Ubuntu 22.04 Server on Azure with xfce
  • Build xk6-browser from main
  • Ran script
    - Same error after 30s
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I ran the test locally on my own machine and it does work fine there.

This part is critical because it works on your local machine, but not on a data center. So, I’m suspicious of the network/access settings of those environments.

Could you create an issue on our Github here? So we can take it further, evaluate and fix the problem. Please make sure you include all the necessary details in the issue so we can reproduce the problem. Thanks for bringing up this problem to our attention!