How to specify the ":authority" header in HTTP2 requests?

I would like to specify the pseudo-header “:authority” that is used in HTTP2.
How is this possible?

Normally, the URI like “https://my-authority/my-path” is split into
“:authority” : “my-authority”
“:path” : “my-path”
“:method” : “POST”

However, my receiving side has problems doing the split correctly, so it would be very good if I could specify the “:authority” header myself.

Hi @ChristianS,

It seems like this isn’t support by golang and k6 is written in golang, so this seems unlikely to be fixed, before it is fixed upstream. But it should be w/e the header Host is, so if you set it manually it should be the same :thinking:.

Maybe this is due to an old golang issue and we not updating a dependency - you should try using the current master, best done through using the docker master label and check if that fixes w/e isn’t working for you.