How to understand "check" metric

I have run the load test with single check for each request. after running whole test, I got result but I don’t know why the number of fails are not equals in the report. Please the image for detail.

Could anyone help me to clear this information?

HI @tandt, sorry for the late reply.

Could you give us a little bit more information? There shouldn’t be such a difference but maybe it is bug 949 which is due to the way we currently handle teardown and setup.
Where do you have your checks ? Are you using iterations, duration or stages to say how long your test should be?

Hi mstoykov,

My script does not contain setup and teardown. I just set duration for load test, and 1 check for each request.

@tandt, thanks for reporting this, unfortunately it is a bug in k6 and I created a new github issue to track it:

The good news, as I’ve described in the issue, is that due to the current major refactoring of k6 internals in, we’re inadvertently in the process of fixing the bug.

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