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How would I go about executing multiple script files in a single run?

Development team has provided Postman collection for performance testing. There would be around 20 collection. Each collection represents end to end micro services. I am using Postman to K6 converter. It gives me 20 JS files. VU level , stages/options and threshold/ checks needs to be different for each K6 JS file. This project would be added inside Git. We need to define pipeline to execute all the JS files.

I decide to write let’s say start.js and then call all other 20 JS files within start.js. I will invoke start.js from Git yml file.
Sample start.js looks as below-

import "./PostmanScripts/libs/shim/core.js";
import "./PostmanScripts/libs/shim/urijs.js";

import { group, http, sleep } from 'k6';
import startSiteTest from "./PostmanScripts/Test/Site/startSiteTest.js";

export let options = {
  stages: testData.siteCRUDOptions,
  teardownTimeout: testData.teardownTimeout,
  thresholds: testData.thresholds

  collection: {
  environment: {

export default function () {
  //Call Test Collection 1 - Create Site


has to be declared once. It is mandatory that it contains VU options. Due to this, I cannot define options, VU stages, threshold inside individual JS files.

I want something like below to achieve my goal. However, it is not working.
Inside Start.js –
I will add

Here I will define all the environment variables.

In each individual JS file, lets say test.js I will define following.

import http from "k6/http";

import * as testData from "../../TestData/siteCRUDOptions.js";

export let options = {
  stages: [
    { duration: "10s", target: 2 },
    { duration: "10s", target: 3 },

export default function() {
  console.log("ENV " +  `${__ENV.AUTH0_BASE_URL}`);

Now, I will call start.js from Git.
However, with this approach VU would not get spanned. It seems not allowed. Everytime, test.js or any other file gets called only with 1 VU and 1 Iteration.

Create shell script, lets say start.sh. It contains all the JS files calls. Invoke start.js from Git, define it in yml file

 k6 run PostmanScripts/Test/Site/test.js
 k6 run PostmanScripts/Test/Site/test2.js

APPROACH 3 –  Write a docker compose script. This would start up a docker container for each test and run it inside there
    image: loadimpact/k6
    container_name: test_k6
    command: k6 run /tests/test_spec.js

    image: loadimpact/k6
    container_name: test2_k6
    command: k6 run /tests/test2_spec.js

Which would be the better approach? Is there any other way?

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