HTTPS ' GET ' API request causes GO panic error when no HTTPS_PROXY set

A specific HTTPS ’ GET ’ request causes an error when running…
Somehow, if we set HTTPS_PROXY=localhost:8888 and use Fiddler, the panic error does not occur…

Anyone experiencing this issue?

Which k6 version are you using?

λ k6 version
k6 v0.25.0

Please upgrade to v0.25.1 and see if the panic persists. It should have been fixed by https://github.com/loadimpact/k6/pull/1102

Thank you very much, in the meantime I removed the line : Accept-Encoding from the request headers.
This forced, I believe, an override by k6 for these values.

Therefore, I’ll update pretty soon and see if it corrects the issue should I restore my previous headers configuration. Thanks!