Is there a way to connect Graphite service with K6 testing tool?


I’m new to Graphite, Grafana, statsd and K6.

After reading the documentation from the K6 platform it seems it can push metrics to StatsD service, in an easy way:

 k6 run --out statsd script.js

I can then set easily a setup that contains Graphite using StatsD and Grafana to have a nice UI.

Now to be able to connect these services, i didn’t found what needs to be done, or this repo somehow can’t be used for some reason.

Anyone has had success connecting these services? Or is it not possible at all?

Hi @nmaster88!

I might have misinterpreted your actual question. If so, you might need to clarify a bit :sweat_smile:, but from what I gathered so far:

The statsd output option requires some configuration to get the data from k6 to the statsd service.

If the service is deployed on the same machine, exposing an UDP endpoint on port 8125, you should be good as is, otherwise you’ll have to configure it using environment variables. See our docs for statsd for additional details.


Thanks for the reply! I guess i manage to have statsd working but not the other tools with it!
Anyway with influxDB it works well.