Issue to deploy k6-operator

Hi, I am trying deploy k6 operator in k8 cluster. I am getting below error. can you please help how to resolve. I am new to k8

k6-operator % make deploy
go: creating new go.mod: module tmp
go: added GitHub - fatih/color: Color package for Go (golang) v1.7.0
go: added GitHub - gobuffalo/flect: An inflection engine for golang v0.2.0
go: added GitHub - gogo/protobuf: [Looking for new ownership] Protocol Buffers for Go with Gadgets v1.3.1
go: added GitHub - google/gofuzz: Fuzz testing for go. v1.1.0
go: added GitHub - inconshreveable/mousetrap: Detect starting from Windows explorer v1.0.0
go: added GitHub - json-iterator/go: A high-performance 100% compatible drop-in replacement of "encoding/json" v1.1.8
go: added GitHub - mattn/go-colorable v0.1.2
go: added GitHub - mattn/go-isatty v0.0.8
go: added GitHub - modern-go/concurrent: concurrency utilities v0.0.0-20180306012644-bacd9c7ef1dd
go: added GitHub - modern-go/reflect2: reflect api without runtime reflect.Value cost v1.0.1
go: added GitHub - spf13/cobra: A Commander for modern Go CLI interactions v0.0.5
go: added GitHub - spf13/pflag: Drop-in replacement for Go's flag package, implementing POSIX/GNU-style --flags. v1.0.5
go: added v0.0.0-20191004110552-13f9640d40b9
go: added v0.0.0-20191022100944-742c48ecaeb7
go: added v0.3.2
go: added v0.0.0-20190920225731-5eefd052ad72
go: added v0.9.1
go: added v2.2.8
go: added v3.0.0-20190905181640-827449938966
go: added v0.18.2
go: added v0.18.2
go: added v0.18.2
go: added v1.0.0
go: added v0.0.0-20200324210504-a9aa75ae1b89
go: added GitHub - kubernetes-sigs/controller-tools: Tools to use with the controller-runtime libraries v0.3.0
go: added v3.0.0
go: added GitHub - kubernetes-sigs/yaml: A better way to marshal and unmarshal YAML in Golang v1.2.0
/Users/myname/go/bin/controller-gen “crd:trivialVersions=true,crdVersions=v1” rbac:roleName=manager-role webhook paths="./…" output:crd:artifacts:config=config/crd/bases
/bin/sh: /Users/myname/go/bin/controller-gen: No such file or directory
make: *** [manifests] Error 127

Hi @ppyneni,

Sorry for the delay! This seems like a problem with the environment, not with k8s. Could you please check how your Golang is setup? I.e. what do these commands return:

go env
go version