Make deploy issue from 'controller-gen'

Hi Team,

I’m trying to install k6 operator in k8 cluster environment. Can I have help resolving the following issue.?

I got the following issue when running ‘make deploy’ command.
I have installed all Prerequisites.

go version: go version go1.20 windows/amd64
controller-gen --version: Version: v0.3.0

make deploy:-

process_begin: CreateProcess(NULL, which controller-gen, …) failed.
Makefile:114: pipe: Bad file descriptor
process_begin: CreateProcess(NULL, which kustomize, …) failed.
Makefile:129: pipe: Bad file descriptor
process_begin: CreateProcess(NULL, { set -e ;CONTROLLER_GEN_TMP_DIR=$(mktemp -d) ;cd $CONTROLLER_GEN_TMP_DIR ;go mod init tmp ;go install ;rm -rf $CONTROLLER_GEN_TMP_DIR ;}, …) failed.
make (e=2): The system cannot find the file specified.
make: *** [Makefile:115: controller-gen] Error 2

Hi @vikum1407

Welcome to the community forums :wave:

Are you following the guide Running distributed k6 tests on Kubernetes? Or GitHub - javaducky/demo-k6-operator: Project for demonstrating the use of k6-operator within Kubernetes clusters.? If you an share the instructions you are following it will help.

You mentioned all prerequisites are in place, can you double-check all of them? You shared go version and controller-gen version. Can you also check kustomize is installed and in the PATH? The message The system cannot find the file specified suggests that required tools might not be installed or on the PATH environment variable.

It could also be something related to Windows that we should look into. Can you share the Windows version you are running?


Hi Eyeveebe,

I followed Running distributed k6 tests on Kubernetes and the following are the other installed version,

  • kustomize is installed → kustomize/v4.5.5
  • Windows 10

Thank you.

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Hi @vikum1407

Thanks for the additional details.

This type of error is usually found when the pre-requisites are not on the system PATH. Can you double-check that? echo %PATH% in the command line, or similar with Powershell I believe it’s Get-ChildItem Env:Path.

If you have them on the system PATH, we’ll keep digging.