Performance test simulating large amount of users (around 150k)


I was recently asked by one of our clients to perform a large performance test on their web service. They would like to simulate traffic of around 150k users that would log into their application and perform a few simple operations.

After reviewing my options I encountered k6 as the most recommended tool for that, but I have few problems that I would need some clarification on.

  1. As I understand VUs (virtual users) simulate a single user performing some scenarios, if so that means that in order to simulate traffic of 150k users I would have to create a test scenario with 150k VUs? Per this resource Running large tests I understand that a single VU can generate multiple requests per second, but does that mean that it can perform operations on behalf of multiple users? Can a single VUs log as multiple users efficiently?
  2. Are there some useful resources where I can see example test definitions where such a huge simulation is performed? Ideally, I would like to see how complicated setup for that is required in case if I were to run it using distributed approach and cloud.

Best regards