Presenting on K6 soon :)


After some time working with K6 at my company and building a small template/framework to build our tests, and having presented k6 and this framework internally, I will start speaking on it at some events/conferences.

I plan to adapt the framework to operate with the test k6 page,
Would this be alright?

Thanks in advance!!

Hi! I see we have already responded to you in Slack, but I wanted to respond here too, in case anyone else has this question later.

Yes, feel free to use that for testing or demonstration purposes, but be aware that it wasn’t really made to be performant, so it does have limitations.

Glad to hear that you’re presenting about k6! Let us know if we can help you with that, and if your presentation is posted online, please share the link with us as well. We’re always happy to see others use k6!

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