Send summary to Prometheus instead of all metrics

I have k6 configured to send metrics to Prometheus, and for lower VU count all seems great, but for higher loads I start getting errors:
error=“server returned HTTP status 429 Too Many Requests: the request has been rejected because the tenant exceeded the ingestion rate limit, set to 10000 items/s with a maximum allowed burst of 200000. This limit is applied on the total number of samples, exemplars and metadata received across all distributors (err-mimir-tenant-max-ingestion-rate). To adjust the related per-tenant limits, configure -distributor.ingestion-rate-limit and -distributor.ingestion-burst-size, or contact your service administrator.”

My company does not allow to change this params, so wanna try something different.

Is it possible to sent the end summary to my prometheus instance, either by calling a post request in the handleSummary method or by any alternative?