Surpass 40k virtual users using k6

Good Day

I am using k6 to test one of our site and am getting timeouts using 1000 users in 5m, 10m, even 30m and i need to test up until 40k users is there something i can do to pass this tests?

Hi @dineos, welcome to the community forum :tada: !

From what you are saying you are getting timeouts from your system under test? So it takes longer to respond than the default 60 seconds, if that is the case I would say you don’t need to test with 40k users as the system clearly isn’t able to handle 1k, to begin with.

Thanks for the reply @mstoykov.

Here are some tips and experiments with running 40k VU on a single machine.

But again, if it’s the SUT that is timing out I would argue you don’t need to continue testing for now :wink: