Test many endpoints simultaneously

Hey all,

I am trying to test all endpoints simultaneously, for now lets say I got 3 endpoints.

If I try to do something like this, where second endpoint fails always, it seems that iteration never finishes. I suppose it fails and does not call the third endpoint ? And does the same thing again and again.

export default (data) => {
  // TODO: try to add all requests in one function
  const response = http.get(Configuration.api1, data.data);
  check(response, {
    'api1 status is 200': (r) => r.status === 200
  const response1 = http.get(Configuration.api2, data.data);
  check(response1, {
    'api2 status is 200': (r) => r.status === 200

  const response2 = http.get(Configuration.api3, data.data);
  check(response2, {
    'api3 status is 200': (r) => r.status === 200

  timeGauge.add(new Date() - new Date(exec.scenario.startTime)); // retuns in summary the amount of time test ran

  sleep(1); // After each user pause for 1 sec to see how many calls can be done for API within duration

So the problem is in results, why iteration_duration MAXIMUM is less than http_req_duration MAXIMUM?

Could it mean that if a get request fails it fails the function than provides the result how long that function lasted(function that made all those calls) but still some API endpoints are being waited for until they return something?

And second question, how to do so that calls in the iteration would not stop the iteration after single failed one, and would keep going on to second call in the same iteration. :question: