Update problem on ubuntu 22.04

I installed a couple of days ago K6 cli following Installation

Lately i’ve runned a system update and this message is shown.

Err:10 https://dl.k6.io/deb stable InRelease                                                       
  The following signatures were invalid: EXPKEYSIG C780D0BDB1A69C86 k6.io (key for signing binaries) <security@k6.io>

Hi @xiscodev Try to reinstall k6 again or follow common issues during installation k6

Hi @xiscodev

Welcome to the community forum :wave:

Thanks for reporting this. I believe it could be related to "k6.io (key for signing binaries) <security@k6.io>" outdated · Issue #2973 · grafana/k6 · GitHub whixh we are already working on.

Until it is fixed adding --allow-unauthenticated to apt should fix it.

We’ll keep you posted.



If it’s urgent, you can override the expired key by editing /etc/apt/sources.list.d/k6.list:
deb [trusted=yes] https://dl.k6.io/deb stable main

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This should be fixed now. We’ll discuss this internally and improve our processes to prevent this from happening again. Apologies for the inconveniences it caused and again, many thanks for reporting the issue.


I confirm its working now, got to reinstall keys again to remove warning

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