What does this error mean: ERRO[0001] Error: To use a variable at address start import "./libs/shim/urijs.js"


I am using mac m1 machine and getting this error. Can someone please guide why I am getting it?

Thanks in advance

Hi @raj1234, welcome to the community forum :tada:

Can you provide at least the line with libs/shim/urijs.js on it from your script.

Just based on this I would guess that you try to do something like

let somevar = "somepath";
import s from somevar + "./libs/shim/urijs.js";

Which just isn’t a valid ECMAScript code (and likely will never be FYI) as it is a design goal for the import and export statements to be statically (at compile time, without running the code) analyzable. More info here - note that this predates the final specification and might have some small discrepancies.

I guess the question is what are you trying to do at this point that you need to use a variable?