Xk6-browser error - getting DevTools URL: context deadline exceeded


After installing the xk6-browser as guided in below URL:
Introducing browser automation and end-to-end web testing with k6

Installation went well. But, when I tried to run the example as shown in the above page, I am getting below error,

ERRO[0030] launching browser: getting DevTools URL: context deadline exceeded
running at reflect.methodValueCall (native)
default at file:/xk6-browser-examples/browser-test.js:4:19(5)
at native executor=per-vu-iterations scenario=default source=stacktrace

I am using WSL Ubuntu 20.04.

Kindly request your help to resolve!


Thanks for getting in touch. We were able to replicate the issue on a Windows machine using WSL2 running Ubuntu 20.04. We’ve created issue #491 to track this – we’ve made some assumptions on what version of Windows and WSL you were running.

To unblock your progress in working with the xk6-browser, we suggest you work with it outside of WSL using the pre-built binary and also working with our docs (which are still WIP).


Thank you Ankur!

For time being, I have switched to Windows. Awaiting for solution soon!!